Triple glazing is considered by almost every homeowner at some point, whether its when the energy bill comes through or in the chill of the British Winter. Originating in the brute winters of Scandinavia, triple glazing is simply three panes of glass in one unit with the air gap between each filled with an inert gas such as Argon.

Triple glazing reduces the amount of heat loss through a window, still allowing heat in from the sun (solar gain). This is achieved by the two outer low emissivity panes of glass in the unit, combined with the extra air gap filled with Argon.

In the UK the majority of glass units installed are double glazed with Ug values often of around 1.0 at best to 1.3. Our superior Austrian made triple glazed unit can achieve a Ug value of 0.5 in our exclusive Katzbeck windows. This means that when our Passiva window combines its solid timber frame, thermal insulation core, with its triple glazed unit it can achieve a best U value of 0.72!

Four reasons why you should consider our Triple Glazing:

triple glazing

Your sound insulation will improve with the extra pane of glass as compared to the common double glazed unit due to an additional barrier for external sound.  When considering your glass options it is always a good idea to consider whether you’re near a busy road, flight path or train lines – Triple glazing can offer peace and quiet in your home.

Thermal insulation – Not only does triple glazing offer exceptionally low u-values with our 0.5Ug units, but it also eliminates those cold areas near the window in the winter and at night, while still allowing a controlled amount of solar gain through the summer.

Bigger glass size – Thanks to the greatly improved thermal insulation, having triple glazing allows you to have much bigger windows in your house, without worrying about the overall U-value of your building.

Security – adding an additional 4mm pane of glass increases the physical barriers between your home and the thieves, allowing you to sleep easy at night.

The Comparison: Triple glazing

It has been shown by the PassivHaus Institute that when the temperature is very cold outside, and 21°C indoors, the following occurs:

  • On a single-glazed window, the internal surface temperature is around 1°C.
  • On a double-glazed window (older technology), the surface temperature is around 11°C.
  • On a modern, energy-efficient double-glazed window, the surface temperature is 16°C.
  • On a triple-glazed window, with a centre-pane U-value of just 0.65 (note that we can achieve a centre-pane value of 0.50 – even better), the temperature is 18°C.